About Zhending Electronics

Shenzhen Zhending Electronics Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise producing, researching and selling circuit boards. After 10 years of development, it has become one of the top suppliers of fast sample and batch circuit boards in China, with a monthly production capacity of more than 5000 models and more than 20000 square meters. It mainly produces FR4 boards, high-frequency boards, ceramic substrates, metal substrates, soft and hard bonding boards, etc Multi layer PCB products, and widely used in communications, medical devices, automotive electronics, aviation, test instruments, computers and colleges and universities and other scientific and technological fields. ZD circuit has won high praise from the market for its consistent service of "safe board" and "on time delivery".

The foundation of the core competitiveness of enterprises
Technological innovation
ZD circuit has a technical team with many years of experience in circuit board production and manufacturing, and has obtained dozens of patents. It can help customers find problems in the design process, and put forward the most reasonable suggestions and processing technology reference. At the same time, in order to quickly respond to the various needs of customers for circuit boards, we also The 8s production workshop has been established, and the front-line technicians have more than 5 years of practical operation experience, which can meet the needs of various small batches and varieties of customers in one stop, so that we can continue to lead in the field of high difficulty and high precision PCB production.

Full set of advanced production and testing equipment

ZD circuit has a full set of advanced production and testing equipment, strictly controls every process, and is committed to the meticulous and perfect products. All products are produced and tested in strict accordance with international IPC standards. At the same time, it has also passed the ISO 9001, ISO 9001 14001,UL, REACH.ROHS Our products have been sold all over the world and won the praise of many well-known enterprises.

The company has 24 hours of service, and is always in keeping with the world. Whether you are from overseas or Chinese mainland, we will provide you with no interruption of quotation service and technical support, so as to actively develop the global market for our customers.

In the future, ZHENDING will take "science and technology pioneer, industry leader" as its far-reaching ambition, and create brilliance and dream with extraordinary courage. We are willing to work together with all walks of life. Create a better future together.